"Necessity is the
mother of invention"
- ancient proverb

The Back Story

While mourning the loss of his father, Rob Blatt came to realize that he and his sister had become responsible for the well-being of their mother, now living by herself thousands of miles away.  Aside from a bad knee and the usual 80 something aches and pains, his mom was generally capable, but Rob was consumed with the “what if’s” – what if Mom slipped in the bathroom?  What if Mom forgot to lock the door at night? What if the signs of cognitive decline were missed, putting Mom at risk? 

Without Dad, who would be there to know?

The engineer in Rob couldn’t help but think that technology MUST hold the answer. He scoured the market to look for a solution that would give him peace of mind while giving his mom the privacy, independence and autonomy she deserved. The market had nothing to offer Rob, the remote caregiver.

So Rob took matters into his own hands and imagined the potential of caregiving through technology. envoyatHome was born! Fred Bresani and Bob Morrison soon joined the team, and a few years later, envoyatHome is bringing peace of mind to Caregivers all over the country.

Our Philosophy

envoyatHome is dedicated to the tens of millions of Caregivers who dutifully take on the selfless responsibility of caring for their loved ones. For Caregivers who miss work to check in, skip classes to check up, juggle kids and spouses and jobs and parents all at the same time and worry from thousands of miles away or just around the corner, we understand because we’re Caregivers too.

Our Approach

Our approach makes Caregiving simple – we commit to you an affordable, elegant and seamless Caregiver experience. envoyatHome is connected to you wherever you have mobile service. Our technology has no cameras to intrude on privacy or wearables to lose or forget.  envoyatHome is respectful, private, and almost invisible to your loved one while giving you, the Caregiver, anytime, anywhere peace of mind.

envoyatHome is Caregiving Made Simple

Meet the team

Rob Blatt

Founder and CEO
Rob is a RESULTS DRIVEN, strategic executive with both hands-on technical and business leadership experience from a successful career in enterprise grade Fintech. With a BS and MS in Computer Engineering as well as Wharton credentials, he has the experience, relationships, and relentless drive to make the envoyatHome vision a reality.

Fred Bresani

Founder and CTO
From designing mobile applications through architecting enterprise level solutions, Fred brings a wealth of TECHNICAL TALENT and hands-on experience to envoyatHome. He has delivered at every phase of the development lifecycle including project specification, architecture, solution development, implementation, and production.

Bob Morrison

Founder and CCO
Bob is a Systems and Software industry LEGEND with professional relationships at the highest levels of the world’s largest service providers. He has personally overseen enterprise systems revenue of billions of dollars during his storied career with Silicon Valley tech companies. He brings his unique gift for understanding what clients truly want in envoyatHome.

John Hall, PhD

Health Psychologist specializing in behavior change and survivorship issues. Healthcare industry advisor and medical outcomes researcher.

Academic: MA Stony Brook University, PhD Temple University
Clinical Training: Memorial Sloan Kettering and Devereux Foundation

Linh Le, PhD(c)

Business Analyst
PhD candidate in cell and molecular biology. PBG Healthcare consultant with focus on product-market fit, customer discovery, and market expansion strategy. Skilled in primary and secondary market research

Academic: PhD(c), UPenn; BS Biology, Haverford College

Joshua Littlejohn

Project Manager
7+ years in healthcare, operations, and IT; Focus on business development, social innovation, global health, and behavior change communication

Academic: MPH, MSN, UPenn; BS, Molecular Microbiology, Clemson Univ; BSN, LA State Univ; ASN, RN Our Lady of the Lake College

Megan Sperry, PhD(c)

Business Analyst
PhD candidate in bioengineering, 10+ publications and conferences, PCI fellow, NSF I-Corps Entrepreneurial Lead, Wistar Inst Bus Dev Intern, Science Center QED POC Prog Fellow

Academic: PhD(c), UPenn; MS Struc Biomech Imperial College; BS Biomed Eng Boston Univ

Mehrdad Pourfathi, PhD(c)

Technical Specialist
PhD in electrical and systems engineering, current Penn Center for Innovation fellow, research fellow with 10+ projects and 10+ publications, each, previous industry R+D work

Academic: PhD(c), UPenn; MS Elec Eng San Jose State; BS Elec Eng K.N. Toosi U of Tech

Susan Reilly

Communications Director
Senior communications leader known for developing and executing effective communication strategies, employing innovative channels and creating compelling content to drive growth and positive business results.

Louis Padulo, PhD

President Emeritus of Philadelphia's University City Science Center, has been described as "a dreamer and a builder," and the quintessential mentor for young scientists, young programs and young companies. 
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