Concerned for your loved one living alone?

Finally, Peace of Mind


A Caregiving Game Changer

We call it a virtual caregiving system. You can call it a game changer.

Imagine having smart home sensors placed in your loved one’s home and receiving notifications day and night if something isn’t right or if you prefer, if everything is just right. Based on an a personalized Activity Plan that you create, along with our patent pending algorithms, the system monitors your loved ones (without cameras, speakers, or wearables) day and night while they are in the home. 

Caregivers can be notified in real-time to potentially concerning situations by text or call. You get peace of mind knowing that you’ll get a notification if Dad gets confused and wanders outside at odd hours, or if Mom has been inactive for an unusual period of time. 

envoyatHome monitors for…

Cognitive Decline

You will know if Dad tries to leave the house in the middle of the night.


You will know if no motion is detected or if someone has spent more time in a room than expected.


You will know when drawers or closets are accessed inappropriately by aides or visitors.

Home Environment

You will know when a home becomes too hot or cold, if a water leak has sprung up, or if a door has been left open or unlocked.

What Our Caregivers Say

You're in Control

A Game Changer for Any Family

Whether you want to keep an eye on a loved living alone, or you need to monitor the safety of someone living with dementia, envoyatHome offers a customizable solution.

envoyatHome Knows What’s Up

And you will too. You’ll get an alert if Dad tries to leave the house in the middle of the night, but not when he leaves to get the mail in the morning. You’ll receive notice for long periods of inactivity, but not when Mom would be sleeping. You create an Activity Plan to tell the system what’s normal and what’s not—and you can easily change and adjust it at any time.

Insights into Better Caregiving

envoyatHome can tell you what your loved ones can’t. Data obtained from the system helps identify patterns of cognitive decline, health insights, safety issues and privacy concerns.

Getting Started Couldn't be Easier

We configure, deliver and setup the system for you. Discreet battery-operated sensors are about the size of a deck of cards and require no wiring or drilling. The are attached with removable adhesive to a door frame or wall. 

The envoyatHome team will strategically position the sensors to give you the monitoring that you need. If you are worried that mom will slip in the bathroom, or dad will  wander outside, we have a setup for that and more.  

envoyatHome gives you the ability to check in on someone living alone, in real-time. 

We guide you through creating the Activity Plan. The customizable system lets you set alerts for the things that keep you up at night, while staying silent for the things that are under control.  

The system just works. There’s nothing technical for you to learn. You check in whenever you wish and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll be alerted if anything isn’t right. or if you prefer, if everything is just right. The caregiver has total control. You decide what notifications you want to receive, when you receive them and who else can see the data.

 It’s time that peace of mind was a part of your life again

Whether you’re living next door or on another coast, with envoyatHome you’ll know when your loved ones are on track or when something seems “off”.

Features For Caregivers


Receive unlimited text notifications and automated phone calls customized for you and on your schedule alerting you when your loved ones are on track or when something seems 'off".


We do the work. We will come to your care recipients home to place the wireless sensors. We need a power outlet and a port on the back of your internet router to complete the setup. This should take less than an hour.

Unlimited Caregivers

Invite as many caregivers as you like to co-montior your loved ones. No extra charge for caring families.

envoyatHome Care

Enjoy worry free care. We will change a battery (sold separately) and make any adjustments to the sensors if needed. You will receive a call from the envoyatHome team each month for a care plan checkup. Of course you can adjust the plan anytime yourself right from the app.

We Care Too

We are always listening and improving to make caregiving simple for you. You can reach us anytime at wecaretoo @


envoyatHome enables your loved ones to live in their own home longer at a fraction of the cost of assisted living arrangements.

Affordable & No Contracts

Early Access Special

Limited Time Opportunity
$ 19
$19.99 monthly plan*
Save $280
  • One time hardware fee starting at $299.99**
  • Add unlimited caregivers
  • Receive unlimited texts and automated phone calls
  • We Care Too support with product updates
  • envoyatHome Care - 1 year Included ($60 savings)
  • Professional Installation - Included ($100 savings)
  • 12 Months Discounted Monthly Plan ($120 savings)
$820 Value

We offer customized solutions for your caregiving needs

Have More Questions?

Not a problem. envoyatHome monitors activities in your personalized Activity Plan. The system can monitor multiple people at once.  For example, mom in the bathroom and dad goes down the stairs or into the basement. Both activities are monitored at the same time.

That’s why we provide a vacation setting. When enabled, the system will adjust monitoring and notifications until your loved one returns home. 

The system can easily complement in-home aides and provide an additional measure of peace-of-mind knowing the aide arrived.

Plenty. In fact, there is no limit. Additionally, you can limit caregivers to just monitoring while other caregivers can have full access.

Our system improves upon smart home privacy and security. Access requires authentication and authorization using industry leading Oauth open standards. Our passwords are stored using SHA-256 cryptographic hash functions which cannot be decrypted. All data between your browser and our website is encrypted and sent securely using HTTPS over the internet.

Not at all. Actually, there is nothing for them to do. The mobile app is for caregivers. The entire experience is intended to simplify your busy life. Your loved ones will continue to go about their lives unaware the system is even there.

envoyatHome can tell you things your loved ones can not.

envoyatHome empowers your loved one to live at home – LONGER.

Whether living around the corner, in the next town, or multiple time zones away, all remote caregivers are entrusted with overwhelming responsibility, but armed with little more than a telephone – until now.

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